Yates Agriboost (dynamic Lifter) 25kg



YATES AGRI BOOST - DYNAMIC LIFTER Specific Product Benefits • Specially formulated fast acting organic-based blend for vegetables and flowers. • Unique blend of organic and inorganic nutrients: composted chicken manure and mineral fertilisers. • Contains both fast and slow release nitrogen, plus fast acting phosphorus and potassium. • Added zeolite improves soil structure and cation exchange capacity, leading to greater nutrient retention and slow-release. • Improves soil organic matter content and increases soil water holding capacity. • Promotes microbial and earthworm activity. • Improves soil long-term productivity. • The chicken manure in Yates AgriBoost has been composted and heat treated which kills weed seeds and significantly reduces harmful bacteria. • Pellets allow easy application through spreaders and planting holes and break down slowly. • Pellets are produced from a homogenous blend, so each granule contains the same amount of nutrients – “an organic compound fertiliser”. • The nutrient level of Yates AgriBoost is consistent and regularly tested, making it a quality assured product. • Australian made and owned - from the manufacturers of Dynamic Lifter.

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