Waratah Large Gripple 3.25-4.2mm Each



The patented ceramic locking mechanism delivers a strong grip, taking higher loads and providing superior corrosion resistance.
Includes integrated adjustable torque setting on the handle. Once the pre-set wire tension is reached – the tool disengages to prevent overstraining and potential wire damage.
Stainless steel springs provide excellent corrosion resistance.
Long lasting and can be re used.
Save time and effort when joining wires, tensioning or terminating wire at a strainer post.
Simply push wires through the Gripple in each direction and the one-way grip firmly holds each wire. No more bending, twisting and tying wires.
To tension both wires, use the Gripple Plus tensioning tool or Gripple contractor tensioning tool.
Gripple Plus Large
Max Working Load: 5.8kN
Suitable to Use with Wire: 3.25mm - 4.20mm

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