Waratah Gripple H Post Anchor Fast Kit Each



Waratah Gripple H Post Anchor Fast Kit
One kit, two applications, H-Post or Anchor-Fast.
Install and tension in seconds.
Contains a wire rope and joiner and can be used as a wire brace or tie back product.
Simple assembly by one person and no wire tying skills needed.
The prefabricated wire loop and free Large Gripple wire joiner is up to 75% faster to install than traditional methods.
Re-tensioning capability makes this one of the most versatile products available for fence installation and maintenance.
Ideal as a wire brace in H-Post strainer assemblies.
Use as a tie back in multiple strainer assembly setups.

Material: 4.00mm wire rope
Coating: Heavy galvanized
Maximum Working Load: 9.5kN
Length: 5m

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