Tb Solar Energiser S90b




S50B Powers up to 5 km

S90B Powers up to 10 km

Large easy-to-view LCD display, O-Ring sealed case, fully portable – internal battery included.

Light, easy, and fast to set up.

Fence leads and a mains recharger are supplied. Coated electronics, resin sealed.

Transformer and SMD technology combine to form a high-quality product. Magnetic switch – no holes through case.
Feature packed, all models:

Designed to slide straight over a steel star post for mounting.
Convenient strong moulded carry handle for easy portability.
Super fast to install, large easy-to-use fence knobs.
Ideal mould angle to maximise solar collection.
Low battery warning – lets you know when to mains recharge.
Fence and Earth leads supplied with insulated grips.
Mains charger port is covered – keeps weather out.
Low and high power levels for battery conservation.
Mains battery charger for internal battery included — charges overnight during bad weather.

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