Stiffstay Whites Exclusion 13-115-15 100m



13-115-15 100m roll

Stiff Stay knot to increase rigidity of fence
Built to withstand impact
Heavily galvanised
Made in Australia
Highly engineered, tight cross-over Stiff Stay® knot

Australian Made
Stiff Stay prefabricated fencing features a tight cross-overStiff Stay prefabricated fencing features a tight cross-overknot manufactured on the Stiff Stay machine. The name Stiff Stay is trademarked to Whites and is made in Australia to the highest standards, exclusively from Whites Albury Manufacturing plant in regional Australia, using premium grade wire.

Specifically designed to protect by providing a barrier against smaller marsupials, dogs, pigs and feral animals, Stiff Stay Exclusion Fencing is produced with graduated line wire spacings. The tighter 15cm stay spacings further improve its ability to withstand impact.

Features high tensile 2.8mm line wires at top and bottom; 2.5mm high tensile line wires with graduated spacings; 2.5mm vertical stay wires.

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