Dlf Sps Custom Pasture Mix Bare Per Kg



25kg bag.

SPS Custom Pasture Mix - Bare sowing rate = 20kg/hect can mix with up to 150kg/hect super if required.

An all purpose pasture mix suited to a wide range of soil types. It is suitable for grazing by sheep and cattle and if required this pasture can be cut for hay and silage. The varieites in this blend have been selected to provide good pasture production and large amounts of nutritious feed, provided adequate moisture is available and fertilizer is not limited.

Ideal for sheep, cattle and horses.
Suitable for hay/silage production
Fast establishing

Victorian (D) Perennial Ryegrass
Knight (D) Italian Ryegrass
Yarck II Cocksfoot
Mach 1 VNS (T) Annual Ryegrass
Quantum II Tall Fescue
Riverina Sub Clover
Coolamon Sub Clover
Border Balansa Clover
Beast White Clover

Sowing rate:


Clay – Loam/Med-High Fert

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