Ranvet Salkavite Electrolyte



Ranvet Salkavite
Supplies a concentrated source of all critical electrolytes.
Provides B-Group Vitamins.
Maintains optimal body fluid balance.
Supplies potent antioxidants essential to peak performance and recovery.
Ideal for intense work, travelling, endurance or basic daily supplementation.
May be used in conjunction with oral electrolyte pastes or liquids.
Flexible use and daily supplementation as a feed or water additive or as a pre-saline drench.
Provides all essential elements necessary for efficient energy conversion from carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
Rectifies B-Group Vitamin deficiencies, common in high grain/energy-dense diets.
Reduces dehydration, muscle fatigue, cramping, poor performance and delayed recovery following exercise.
Maintains optimal nerve and muscle function.
Facilitates optimum performance in all extreme environmental conditions.
Reduces tissue damage and maintains cell integrity during strenuous work.
Reduces free radical tissue damage.
Convenient multi-use administration options
Ideally used in conjunction with Ranvet Electro Paste during intense training or long-distance travelling.
Highly palatable powder.
Easily mixed into the ration.

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