Pm Slimline Tank 3000lt With Pump Gps



3000 ltr Polymaster Slimline tank with garden water system (Garden pump and pressure control system in separate pump housing) 2570L x 790W X 2050h. Call our staff for any enquiries.

Great looking solutions for urban water conservation. The Slimline range provides slim-profile water storage options up to 5000L. The Slimline rainwater tanks have been designed to hold the maximum volume of water for the minimum surface area used.

The Slimline Rainwater Tank 5000GPS comes with the Garden Water System (Garden Pump & Press Control in seperate pump housing) to make your gardening easier.


Space saving modern design, ideal for tight spaces
Hand grips for easy lifting
Can be coupled to other tanks for even greater volume
UV + double strength resin
Available in Colorbond® & custom colours

Use stored rainwater on your garden.

Place complete packaged pump unit beside your tank with garden tap attachment

40lpm garden pump
25mm inlet & outlet
240v power
Automatic pressure controller (Start & Stop on demand)
2 year warranty on pump
Colour matched pump cover to protect pump from the elements
Polymaster will not be held liable for incorrect colour impressions, request your Polymaster colour sample to view colours. Polymaster tank colours represented match COLOURBOND steel colours.

*COLOURBOND® and colour names are registered trademarks of Blue Scope Steel Ltd™.

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