Petsafe Sport Dog Remote Trainer 450m



The SportDOG SD-425E is the perfect short-range communication tool for pet dogs and working dogs above 5kg. Whether you've got a single-dog situation or a multiple-dog situation, the SD-425E remote trainer has the signal range and correction strength to correct disobedient behaviours and reinforce training commands.

The system has a 450m range, is expandable up to 3 dogs (with additional receiver collars) and is completely waterproof and rechargeable. The collar module delivers low to medium static electric stimulation levels, perfect for dogs with mild to medium temperaments.

The system has 7 levels of 'low' static stimulation and 7 levels of 'medium' static stimulation. Using the rheostat dial at the top of the remote transmitter, you can quickly fine-tune the stimulation strength to the exact level that matches your dog's drive. The low stimulation levels are recommended for pet obedience training and reinforcing commands. The medium stimulation levels are recommended for working conditions. The remote transmiter also has the options of delivering a tone-only or vibration-only stimulation - recommended for blind, deaf, or impaired dogs.

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