Lienert Virkon S Powder 1kg



1kg Leinert Virkon S powder
Features Use as a protection against Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) Complete disease control for hard surface and aerial disinfection. Powerful disinfectant independently proven effective against all virus families affecting man and animals. Non-tainting and no environmental residue issues associated with use. Potent antibacterial activity, passing AOAC detergent sanitizer test at 1:200 dilution. An excellent and safe water sanitizer, may be used as an aerial spray, unique product suitable for use on all types of farms and in hatcheries, safe and suitable for use with all types of animals and bird, UK MAFF approved at exceptionally high dilutions, Foot & Mouth Disease 1 300 and General Orders 1 120, Swine Vesicular Disease 1 200, Fowl Pest 1 280, Suitable for manual or machine application. Benefits For effective control of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Cleans and disinfects simultaneously.Exceptionally low toxicity. Readily soluble in tepid water, producing a pink solution. Easily diluted.

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