Io Electrolyte Liquid 1 Lt



iO Electrolyte Liquid is a nutritional supplement to assist in maintaining and restoring the animals normal electrolyte balance where level may be low in body tissues during heavy exercise and in hot weather conditions. iO Electrolyte Liquid is great and beneficial for: Fluid and body salt replacement after exercise. Encourages drinking at competition. Rapid recovery after travelling. iO Electrolyte Liquid is highly palatable powder that maintains optimum body fluid balance. Contains: Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Glucose and Magnesium. Rates of use: Always make sure there is plenty of fresh clean water for your horse to drink following the intake of this liquid. Horses weighing 450kg to 500kg. Light work: 40ml in 2L of water. Moderate work: 60ml in 3L of water. Heavy work: 80ml in 4L of water. For severely dehydrated horses: 6L to 8L of diluted solution (40ml iO Electrolyte Liquid/L of water). Made in Australia.

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