Heating Plate For Chicks 13w 25x25cm



These are a great new type of brooder which can be used for all types of Poultry chicks ie. quail, chickens, ducklings - innovative design made in Holland. Simulates the natural heating from the mother hen. Only the surface of the under side of the heating plate is warm.
Simple to use height adjustable legs that can be adjusted from 5cms up to 15 cm (from ground to underside of plate)
Very low energy costs due to high insulation - save up to 75% on electricity costs in comparison with a ceramic heat lamp
Double safety system by temperature fuse & resistance fuse.
Factory fitted Australian plug
Longer lifespan due to strong and durable ABS-plastic LED indicator light to show if the heating plate is switched on.
Please note it is a good idea to cover the top with contact or similar, to protect the top of the brooder.

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