8-90-15 100m H/g Galmax Maxloc Premium Awp



Galmax Maxloc PREMIUM Austral Wire Products 8-90-15 - 100m 2.8mm wire top and bottom - 2.5mm wire body
Max-Loc Field Fence features a unique 'smooth knot' design. This knot is smooth either side of the fence - no sharp edges protrude to cause injury. One piece vertical pickets are tied to the line wires and crimped at the joints. The tightness of this knot crimp enhances the stiffness of the fence as it resists slippage along either picket or line wires. This tough, durable construction prevents the fence from buckling if impacted by larger animals, yet also provides extra rigidity and flexibility for installation over undulating land.

This range has the same features as Max-Loc Traditional with the additional strength of 2.80mm top and bottom line wires.

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