Gallagher Mega Anchor Post Kit



Quick and easy installation - Installed in as little as 15 minutes, by anyone, anywhere without the need for digging holes or using heavy machinery
Complete kits - All required components are supplied, simplifying installation and maintenance
Built to last - Hot dip galvanized components covered by a 15 year warranty
Total solution - Gallagher Mega Anchor is the ideal partner for a Gallagher Westonfence, Insulated Line Post Electric Fence or other fencing systems
Gallagher Mega Anchor Post Kit

Gallagher Mega Anchor Post Kits are supplied complete with all the components required for assembly. The kit contains:

1 x Post Mega Anchor
1 x 1600 mm 50NB Post (2.3mm wall thickness)
1 x Post cap
3 x 1200 mm 32NB Piles (2mm wall thickness)
8 x screws

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