Equinade Leather Oil



Regular use of Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil will preserve and protect your leather goods naturally. Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil will restore dry, cracked and brittle leather so that the leather fibres will remain soft, supple and enjoyable to use, ensuring that the leather will have a long and useful life. Contains natural nourishing ingredients to care for the natural fibres of leather. Unique blend of lanolin, waxes and oils. Highly effective at penetrating and softening leather quickly. To get great results, first clean the surface with Equinade Liquid Leather Soap or Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap. Using a soft paint brush, apply Equinade Original Leather & Saddle Oil lightly and evenly to both sides of the leather. Allow to absorb, then buff with a soft cloth for a natural looking finish. To seal and protect from all weather conditions, apply Equinade Leather Dressing.

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