Barastoc Kangaroo & Wallaby Pel 20kg



Kangaroos and wallabies are among the most unique animals in the world, with nutritional requirements to match.
As large, foregut-fermenting marsupials, they need a balanced nutrition plan specifically designed for their digestive system and their dietary needs. Their energy requirements in an enclosed home range are also much lower than they would be in the wild, and their diet should account for this to help them maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).
In their natural habitat, kangaroos and wallabies will graze a wide variety of native grasses and young shoots, as well as the foliage of trees and shrubs, including eucalypts and mosses. This varied diet ensures that they meet all their macronutrient and micronutrient requirements.
On a farm or lifestyle holding, kangaroos and wallabies will have limited access to these natural nutrition sources. They are also susceptible to vitamin E and selenium deficiency diseases, and their general antioxidant requirements are increased due to the additional stress of living within an enclosure. A properly formulated feed will make sure they are properly supplemented for all of these nutrients, and ensure they stay lean and healthy.

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