The brick buildings on the site were originally built by the Kerr family opening as a Burnside Dairy in 1939 supplying milk to Melbourne hospitals. It remained as a dairy in various forms for a number of decades until, in later years, locals would have known it as the Sunup Fruit Juice Factory. After the closure of the juice factory it was then revived as a retail stock feed outlet (YAN YEAN STOCK FEED) by Len Murphy but was taken over after only a few years by Michael Mules who owned and ran the business for almost 29 years.  David Greer has been dedicated to YYSF since 2008.

We have noted that many people in the area have some sort of bond with the site and we will be making every effort to maintain the YYSF connection with the local residents. As part of this connection we continue to support and sponsor many local clubs and organisations.

We look forward to seeing you soon at YAN YEAN STOCK FEED.

Regards, David Greer