Our Team

David Greer - Owner

David Greer Yan Yean Stock Feed

David and Glenda purchased Yan Yean Stock Feed from Mick Mules in 2008.  Born and bred in the district, he has various farming and rural fencing experience.  He often apologises for swearing.

Ryan Taylor - Manager

Ryan Taylor Yan Yean Stock Feed

Ryan is your first point of contact and ensures the smooth running of the business.  He is a dad joke pro and does not need encouragement.  If you bring a puppy into the store, please don't be in a hurry.

Michelle Bird - Marketing/POS/Purchasing/Website

Michelle Bird Yan Yean Stock Feed

Michelle has been in the area for many years, loves playing with green horses, looking after her small property and doing her art.  She enjoys her varied role within YYSF and ensuring the business is catering to the needs of our customers.  Her two boys would say that she hugs a little more often than she should and can be annoyingly positive on Mondays.

Mark Peace - Yard Manager

Mark Peace Yan Yean Stock Feed

Mark keeps the yard in great order and manages bulk stock.  He is a retired harness racing trainer and has retained his favourite two horses. A one eyed Richmond supporter.  He especially enjoys talking footy and betting on well priced long shots.

Alicia Gault

Alicia Gualt Yan Yean Stock Feed

Alicia hails from country NSW and loves 3 day eventing.  She is studying Agronomy and rides her warmblood in her spare time.  She can be seen greeting customers and heading out on deliveries.